Designs Refined - Linda Hammond

Designs Refined - Linda Hammond

Art and design have been a part of Linda from the time she was able to shove dressers and chairs from point to point.  Her father's career was in design, she learned from an early age to find creative advantages with whatever was available and to find new uses for ordinary things.  If she didn't have what she wanted, she reimagined what she had and adapted it to her needs.

Linda's approach to design involves colors, textures and interesting things that people love to collect.  Arranging all these elements into a cohesive, comfortable and pleasing arrangement is what Linda does. 

Design is fun and should be experienced without creating stressful decisions.  Like mathematics when you reduce a problem to its lowest common denominator it is easy to see how and why it works-- simply.

With Linda's help, you will understand the basics and build confidence that will guide you to make delightful changes in your home or office.

Linda's business Designs Refined came after years of training in Interior Design, becoming certified with the IRN and years of retail flooring experience.

The ultimate result of all ambition is to be happy at home.
— Author Unknown


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