The Forty Dollar Make-Over

A forty dollar make-over may sound too good to be true, but a little can go a long way to lifting your spirit or giving you a fresh new seasonal look.

I doubt that I would have found my forty dollar duvet set had I made a special trip to find it.  Because I am often in home goods stores looking for things for clients, kids or myself, I was able to spot an appealing set that fit my color palette.  It made the journey more fun, and somewhat serendipitous.

Knowing your color palette helps you find accessories for your rooms that will work instantly for your space.  Far from being dull, your color palette will offer you great opportunities to make small or subtile changes and even seasonal changes that will coordinate with your decor.  

Living in neutrals helps the process as well, but do not think in terms of white or beige as being the only neutrals—far from it.   When I think of color, I have a huge spectrum from which to choose.  People not accustomed to color, tend to think in terms of primary and secondary colors only.  When I suggest green to clients, too often the first color that comes to their mind is grass green.  Primary and secondary colors are great in some situations, but to live in them would be difficult for most people.

Just about any color is more sophisticated if it is toned down with to a grayer tone, i.e. a gray green is easier to live with than grass green; and there are lots of great options to bring a pop of color into the room with the use of textiles, art and painted furniture.  Making accent color changes is also much easier when using a grayed down version as the main color.  A gray green room, will come to life with accents of poppy red or chartreuse.  A bold bright blue or yellow, are also great choices.

Building a room from your color palette by adding layers of colors through artwork and textiles is surprisingly easy when you find art and textures that you love.  If you have been collecting fabrics or art, you will probably recognize a pattern.  You will find that much of your collection is similar in color.  You are drawn to certain colors, look at your wardrobe, besides the basic black, you will no doubt find you are drawn to warm or cool colors, and those will be colors you are most comfortable wearing.

I knew I wanted something brighter than the soft, gray, green of my bedcover.  It was a solid, textured piece, and I was just a bit tired of it.  I still like it and will use it; but for summer I wanted something brighter, with a white background, but it had to be washable.  I live with two cats and one of them loves to rest on the bed during the latter part of the day, so washable is important to me.

Finding your color palette is daunting for many, so calling in a professional will save hours of frustration, and hopefully open your eyes to many more options— like accent walls.  It’s all about proportion, intensity and light.  You must know the light you live with in order to feel comfortable with your color choices.  Do not be afraid to try different color combinations and patterns.  Remember when it comes to paint color, it’s only paint; you can change it.