Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. In the design mind, anything can be art; it just needs to suit the viewer. During my visits to clients’ homes, I have come across some of the most interesting and colorful artwork. The colors and subject matter are what bring rooms to life and identify a room or home as unique to the homeowner. Sadly, too many clients are a bit reluctant to embrace their artwork, and I am speaking mainly about paintings here. They often want to make excuses and say it doesn’t have to be in this room or used at all, if I think it’s not the right a particular room.  

What I love is embracing a client’s art work, because it is personal or has special memories attached and truly expresses the occupants’ unique individuality. Additionally, artwork is a great jumping off spot for color selection in the room.

Art can be displayed in any room and I especially, like it to be a surprise. It is easy to see why the painting of chickens shown here would make a great one for the kitchen, but the kitchen in this house really does not have wall space to spare or give the picture its due. The client had it at the end of a dark hall, and felt badly that it was not in a more prominent place because of its importance to the couple. 

We were exploring the newly painted bedroom that has given the couple such a sense of peace and tranquility, when they asked about a bright, colorful painting they had hung on the wall. Was it appropriate? I told them I thought it was great; they both loved it and it was full of color and energy, contained in a relatively small space. It is not the focal point, but a point of interest in a sea of cool, calm colors and furnishings. The couple had added a taller dresser since I had been there last and loved the storage the dresser provides; however, it displaced a painting that had been the color inspiration for the room. I suggested we put the painting that had such special meaning to them above the taller dresser, as it had stronger colors than the previous picture-- which we moved to another room and it made a beautiful vignette. 

The painting that has such special meaning, pictured here, is of three lovely ladies, that a friend painted shortly before the birds left this world: from left to right, Aunt Bea, Grace, lovely in classic black and white and finally, Topaz in the foreground. These birds were great layers of heavenly eggs and are fondly remembered by my clients.

One of the perks of my job is meeting so many diverse clients, with such great talents, like raising chickens, growing great fruits including my favorite boysenberries, and sharing their their bounty with me. The granddaughter of the client who shared these beauties likes to make labels for the eggs, giving credit to the current laying birds. My thanks to these wonderful people for sharing with me, not only their art, but tasty treats as well.