Window Grate Reinvented

Some weeks ago, I went to a salvage store and found an old, exterior, decorative window grate that I thought would make a good interior dog gate.  I did not want to have a typical dog or baby gate because I did not want to store it or have an unsightly gate permanently attached to the door jam; besides the wall could use a little dressing up, I thought.

I knew my handy husband would not be thrilled with another kooky idea of mine and then have to adapt it, so before I even decided to buy the grate, I made a plan.  That plan would not involve my husband initially, only later to attach it to the wall.  The grate was a little too large for the door opening, and would require cutting down the iron material.  I knew just where I was going to start for that project.  Unfortunately, the first guy sent me up the street a few doors, and those guys sent me next door to a fellow who would do the cutting and welding of the hinges, but wanted a detailed plan;  he then offered had a cousin would could make me a gate.  I was not deterred!  I had yet another source; however, my husband took the grate out of my car, thinking he was doing me a favor.  I told him my plan, and he decided he’d do the project—exactly what I did not want to have happen; he has many projects on his list and this is not one I wanted to have him tackle at this time.  Apparently, it was one he wanted to do.

Once he cut the grate down to fit the doorway, he used a metal epoxy to fix the hinges to the grate, let it dry and set, then he screwed it to a wood slat he screwed to the wall, perfect.  Now the dogs cannot get to cats who prefer not to socialize with the canine kind.  

This gate was a good solution to the problem of having to keep pet species separated and wanting to keep the area easily accessed by the humans who tend to them.  Someday, I hope to have cats that accept the dogs, but I do not think that will happen with these cats; they were not raised with the dogs, and the cats were here first.

Imagine all the places this window grate could be incorporated easily— certainly outside for a similar solution to keep pets out of a garden area or kids for that matter.  The grate was inexpensive and that was appealing; besides, it was close to the right size and had at the look I wanted.

Stay tuned for what my plans are for the unsightly area behind the washer and dryer, a work in progress.