Guest Room Closet Space

Whether your guest room is just now empty of summer visitors, or you are ramping up for a flurry of fall guests, now is a good time to pay some special attention to closet space.

If you are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to guests only, including a closet, you may find a few of the following tips valuable on how to spruce it up a bit.  Or if you have a guest room that must serve more than one master, some of these ideas may help you and your guests achieve optimum satisfaction.

Naturally, a closet left free of out of season clothing is ideal, but not always possible.  If you can assign half of the closet to your personal storage needs and the other half for your guests you will both be happy.

Edit your seasonal clothing storage at the end of each season and donate or toss items that you have outgrown or just no longer need.  On the "guest" side of the closet, fit the space with a shelving unit or bookcase deep enough to hold some baskets to hold personal items a guest may need to take from the bedroom to the bathroom.  Also, fill a basket with items that your guest might have forgotten: toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razors, scented lotion, aspirin and anything else he or she might need.

If you have a shallow bookcase that will fit in the closet, one that is about 13-15 inches deep, you will have no trouble finding baskets to fit; think in terms of color and texture to enhance the space; make them pretty and functional.  You can roll some spare towels, provide soaps and perhaps a blanket to fit as well.  The shelf unit does not have to be filled to capacity; leave enough space on each shelf to avoid a crowded feeling, and stager your baskets or bins for a little visual relief.

If your bookcase or shelving unit does not take up a full half of the closet, all the better as you can leave a small space for hanging clothes.  Baskets and bins can hold socks and such, while empty space on the shelves will be a perfect place to hold folded T-shirts and sweaters your guests may have brought along.

By having space in the closet for all these items, your guest will not have to live out of a suitcase, which is awkward at best; and the suitcase can be stowed out of sight, leaving the guest room a more restful space.