Mail Delivery

I remember mail slots in the wall from my earliest years.  Oh how I longed for a modern mail box.  Now, I find the nostalgia comforting and quaint.  This little mail slot in our wall is one of the reasons I fell in love with this house— several years ago.  As I waited for the chance to move into the little house on the other side of the mountain, I envisioned different pieces of furniture I had to catch the mail, but after I moved in, I realized that most were not right for the space; I have had to make many similar adjustments.  

Not to be deterred, my first solution was simply an unpacked box sitting under the mail slot, with a basket to catch the mail.  Soon after the boxes were unpacked and out of the house, I moved a small, square table I had into position and replaced the box.  However, it was a bit bulky and interfered with one of the chairs at the table.  

With a bit more time on my hands now, I decided a small stool or short bench would probably suffice.  My daughter and I took off exploring shops around town.  I was in no hurry, so I could be choosy.  I knew I did not want anything fancy, and something more in keeping with the period was what I had in mind.  With a lot of wood used in this room— with the hardwood floors, round oak table and chairs and the hoosier cabinet— I was feeling like something painted would be my best option.

I found a small white stool with turned legs. The stool is not too fussy, and it is the perfect size.  The price was right, too, less than twenty bucks; now that was a bargain.  I liked it right away, and the size suited the space, as I predicted; but the white color was a bit too sweet for my taste.  I painted it a bright apple green; and for now, it is just right.  However, I have a feeling that very soon, it will be painted black and be more in keeping with a long bench I have in the room, and the black china cabinet. 

The black keeps the soft blue-green walls with white trim from being too cottage like. While I like the cottage look, I need a little black to keep it more grounded.

We enjoy having this little bit of nostalgia as a reminder of times gone by.  Another discovery, is a little post office inside a local pharmacy; it will never take the place of our beloved Acton Post Office and all the wonderful people that we got to know over the years, but it is as close to a community post office as we will see again, I think.