Cozy-Up Fall Decorating

I know the official start of fall is still nearly a week away, but there is something about the beginning of September that makes me ready to nest and prepare for fall. The cooler mornings and evenings, the warm days, and the falling leaves signal a change in the season, albeit a slight change here in our mild climate.

When September arrives, I begin pulling out my fall decor and setting them around the house, ready for the seasonal change. There are so many little things you can do to decorate for fall that are simple and easy.  Just changing out the sofa pillows is a good start.   Adding some soft throws in warm fall colors adds that extra layer of warmth you need in the evenings.

I like decorating for fall as if were a holiday in itself.  I can put out some pumpkins and orange lights around the entry for Halloween closer to the end of October, but fall decorating lasts until after Thanksgiving for me; it is such a satisfying time to decorate.  Addinga fresh fall door mat and a wreath at the front door signals to all who enter that warmth awaits them.

Keeping fresh flowers in your home is another great way to enjoy the colors of the season.   Some scented candles conjure up a batch of cinnamon cookies baking, even if baking is not your forte.

Decorating fireplace mantles is a tried and true tradition, but if you do not use your fireplace for fires, at least not this early in the season, don’t forget the hearth and firebox.  The mantle can take second seat for a change.  Add some candles and logs to your firebox for fall interest.  Birch logs are always pretty and show up nicely against the dark interior of the firebox.

Little touches can make a nice, quiet impact in your home and hopefully will enhance your home as a sanctuary for you and your family as well as friends.  A trip to your favorite home store will give you plenty of inspiration.  You can easily match your purchases to your budget before you shop if you have made an assessment of your existing collections.  Once things are stored for a season, I forget what I have and what has been discarded.  Some things need discarding once I open the boxes again.  I keep my new purchase in check by reviewing what I have decided to use again.  Sometimes, just visiting seasonally decorated shops is tonic enough for me to resist spending a small fortune on more fall decor.